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Learn more about our partnership opportunities for industrial SMEs across the globe. This three-staged partnership program is designed to systematically empower regional partners and accelerates their market-share growth through a variety of programs such as staff training and technology transfer. Fill the following form fields and we'll get back to you with a copy of the full publication.

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Become a FixPipeline Regional Partner

an opportunity to expand your offerings

Shidarian and its Fixpipeline brand have continuously proven to be a reliable and reputable participant in the global oil and gas pipeline repair industry. Join our team of regional sales and supply chain partners and benefit from our numerous competitive advantages that help you expand your offering and achieve the best results for your clients.

Worldwide Trust

Having delivered on hundreds of projects in 22 countries worldwide, FixPipeline and its product portfolio enjoys a high level of brand recognition among industry figures. Request a company profile booklet for the full picture.

Market Specific

Our agile organizational architecture and our ability to deliver custom designs quickly can help you exploit a niche in your market. This allows our partners to expand their sales opportunities, join our versatile supply-chain, and become formidable competitors in their domestic and regional markets.

High Margins

Our agents consistently win tenders due to our price-leadership strategy and lightning fast lead times. Our partners can further increase their margins through closer cooperation in regards to regional supply-chain responsibilities.

High Quality Products

By procuring the most reliable products, you can increase repeat order rates and further build goodwill with your clients. Our designs have stood the test of time numerous times and with the support of our capable R&D team, they continue to improve year-over-year.



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