Constructional Connectors

The Pipe-Tight connection system is a mechanical fitting to join and reinforce two pipe bare ends. Used for ‎repair, replace, and reroute operations with minimum installation time supports the resumption of the operation before much loss of revenue occurs. The Pipe-Tight can be anchored by back up clamps, extra bolting, or welding according to ‎specific pipeline requirements.‎

Pipe-Tight products connect two onshore pipe ends without a flange by centralizing and gripping the ends while sealing the ‎connection. We design both one sided flange Pipe-Tight models and enhanced models with extra sealing rows ‎and added gripping trust screws for specific applications.

The coupling contains a seamless shell, sealing gaskets, pushing rings, circumferential trust screws, ‎activation screws along with features like lifting lugs, welding edges and optional back up ring clamps. ‎Material selection is as per project specific requirement; Normally A216 cast, A105 forged, A106 pipe, or ‎A516 plate for metallic components and NBR, HNBR, Viton for elastomers. PipeTights are available from 4” to 56” for API 5L standard pipelines. ‎

Applicable Standards and Codes:

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1 and 2.
  • API SPEC 5L, Specification for Line Pipe (General Acknowledgment).
  • API SPEC 6H, Specification on End Closures, Connectors and Swivels.
  • ASME/ANSI B18.2.1, Square and Hex Bolts and Screws Inch Series - Acknowledgement about standards of materials including: A193, A194, A516.
  • NACE MR0175, Part 1 & Part 2 (Resist Sulfide Stress Cracking).


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